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Let's get you organized!


for your home or business



with Still Life

It's easy-on-you life enhancement. Let's put systems in place that help you breathe easier. Whether it's a relaxing room, a calming closet, or drama-free drawers, you deserve spaces where you can feel relaxed and inspired. Just need a little coaching and a plan to get going? We're here for you. Moving in or out of a space? We can support you whether you're coming or going. Not sure whether your project fits in with our available services and packages? No problem!


 We can evaluate your project and get you a custom proposal within 48 hours.


Just looking for a refresh?

We've got cleaning support to get you on track.

Happy young mother enjoying tidying up at female child wardrobe closet neatly folded cloth

Joe, Decorah Client, Multi-Space Project

"I didn't know how much it would feel like Extreme Home Makeover... Your work is truly amazing."
House decor ideas. Storage in the kitchen. Home organization. White shelf and modern inter


Your project is our passion.

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