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The Full Story

Still Life Creative was ironically born out of chaos and catastrophe, like so many small businesses that emerged from the global pandemic. When Cerrisa began her work-from-home marketing outfit, she had no idea it would morph into a passion project around one of the major components of her mental health through complex days - organization. Upon reorganizing a home office for the parent of a friend, she realized how much value there is in clearing the clutter that complicates or impedes a creative life. 

Having realized that the cognitive and tactile effort to eradicate obstacles and clear a brighter path is one of the things that creates joy in her world, she decided now was the time to pivot. Still Life was born, bringing home and business organizational services to the Driftless. 

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About Cerrisa

Cerrisa Snethen-Murphy is a Professional Organizer, Coach, Solutions Seeker, Writer, Public Speaker, Human-Being-In-Process, and Student Of Joy. With over a decade of marketing experience for businesses both big and small, non-profits, and myriad organizations, she's always interested in a new challenge. Primarily, growth and simplicity drive her these days, as a proud single mama of three. You can find her in Decorah where she works to prioritize truth, kindness, creativity, and coffee. She loves laughter, nature, great books, and friendships old and new.

She's passionate about purpose, progress, people, and podcasts.

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